Early Cash Out at Betway

Betway offers you the chance to cash out before or during the game with Early Cash Out! This means you can get money back before the bet has been settled. With Early Cash Out you will either make a profit or you will get a portion of your original bet back, it all depends on how your bet selection is performing at the time of requesting a Cash Out. The amount offered when you make your cash out will be based on the real-time odds at that moment, one thing to note is that the amount offered will not be more than the total potential win of your betslip.

With Early Cash Out you can:

  • Receive a payout of a portion of your bet before the bet is settled
  • Cancel your bet before the game starts and receive a smaller portion of your bet back
  • If you are concerned about the outcome of a match or the remaining results of your multi-bet you can take an early cash out and collect some of your winnings

Cash Out scenarios and how they work

Single Bet

You place a single bet on Team A to beat Team B

  • Team A scores first and go into the lead if you opt to cash out now you will be offered a profit on your original bet but not enough to out pay the bet or you could wait until full time for the full winning amount if your team wins.
  • Team B scores first and goes into the lead if you opt to cash out now you will be offered an amount lower than your bet as your odds of winning have decreased. But, at least this way you will get some of your money back in the chances that Team B win and you lose your bet completely. 

Multi Bet

You place a Multi Bet across five games

  • You win 3 of your games but you are unsure on how the last two will result, you could cash out and make a smaller profit on your bet than if all five games win or you could wait to see what happens either win your full bet or lose your bet.

You simply change your mind

You place a bet on Team A to beat Team B

  • You hear some information that changes your mind on your bet or you think you may lose, you can check if you can cash out early and receive a portion of your bet back instead of nothing if you do lose the bet.

It is important to note that an early cash out is not always guaranteed. Once you opt to take a cash out the bet is considered as settled and will no longer appear in your open bets.

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